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Ormus and Water: 

The relationship between the two, the production techniques and many more 

In the 1970s, an old Arizona farmer named David Hudson noticed a very strange substance in his field as he was mining gold. Because of curiosity, he was inspired to study the substance. He spent millions of dollars doing research to find out how this material could be obtained. 

And if you study the history of the early Egyptians, you learn that alchemists researched to discover something they called the Philosopher’s stone. Now, Hudson and his colleagues found that the material they were working with had some solid relationship with the Philosopher’s stone. The material was given all sorts of names. They called it mono-atomic gold, white powder gold, white gold, Ormus, AuM, M-state manna, you name it! 

Actually, Hudson’s research into the ‘’M-state’’ brought the science of alchemy into vogue. Now, the potential of Ormus to influence the mind, body and spirit is what keeps alchemy fire burning till now.  

Ormus and water: 

What is Ormus in water? 

First, Ormus is a substance that naturally exists in water. It should be noted that only artesian or spring water contains the highest percentage of Ormus. It’s the secret life energy that is contained in this water. Apparently, the strength of Ormus diminishes with every drop of dilution. This explains why clean spring water is far more rejuvenating than municipal water found in taps. 

It is this life energy that individuals are more concerned with. As a result, the science of alchemy has come up with various methods on how to extract this compound from water.  

The wonder of electromagnetic fields in Ormus and water 

It’s important to understand the relationship between Ormus and water before any technique can be explained. Therefore, it should be noted that Ormus and water are very good partners in their molecular state. Water is a safe haven for Ormus compound. It will provide molecules in which Ormus will stay as long as the water is not exposed to electromagnetic fields or direct sunlight.  

On the other hand, Ormus atoms also structure the molecules of water. As a result, very ‘’tiny’’ cages are created, and these provide room for each molecule to exist harmoniously. Overtime, these cages have undergone scientific scrutiny, and researchers now think that they are meant to help Ormus escape magnetic field influence. There’s no limit to the amount of Ormus that water will hold within its structure. 

In theory, water that has high concentration of Ormus molecules is considered super-fluid. What this means is that it carries the typical characteristics of fluids, so it won’t play resistant to the influence of energy and information. 

Ormus, as a compound, exists in animal brains too. This explains its role in signal transmission in all living things. And because this is the case, it only means that taking the concentrated form of this compound can be extremely beneficial in boosting one’s health.  

In fact, consuming plenty of Ormus will allow water to hold to its coherent structure in addition to providing several health benefits as described by alchemy. Today, the topic of Ormus and water is becoming popular as interest continues to grow rapidly.  

How to produce Ormus from water 

It should be noted that the traditional ways of extracting or making Ormus are real and possible. But the problem with these methods is that they use lye, high temperatures, and other equipments which might not be readily available. What’s more, those preparing Ormus with traditional methods risk serious burns and poisoning from noxious fumes. So even though they produce the most Ormus from water, they are not for the inexperienced. 

The easiest way: We use a blender and magnets 

With magnets ready, use a tape to stick them to the sides of the blender jar. Configurations will vary, and more magnets don’t always mean more power – at least where Ormus and water is concerned. You can use neodymium magnets, though any kind of magnet will still do the trick. 

The second step involves adding water into the blender before adding some salt or other materials with high Ormus concentration. For example, you can use 150mg of Magnesium Citrate. But if you’re sensitive to sodium, skip the salt part of it. Your Ormus should be ready, so just drink it. 

The wet method 

This is another simple method which can be practiced at home. Using normal water, add sodium hydroxide so the PH can be brought to about 10.78. You should use a PH meter for accuracy purposes. Also, you shouldn’t go beyond the 10.78 mark since such a level of alkalinity will prompt certain elements to precipitate away, and this will cause the water to lose its Ormus value. 

As soon as this is done, their will be some white precipitate drops which must be stored in a jar or holding container. This water should be safe to consume since most of the sodium hydroxide is automatically washed away during the process. 

What part of water is Ormus, and how much of this compound does water have? 

By now, it’s clear that water molecules have Ormus in them. The molecules are namely Hydrogen and Oxygen written as H2O – two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.  

It’s interesting to realize that water shows 32 anomalous properties which are influenced by the action of Ormus in water molecules. From the hint we had given earlier, it’s clear that H2O molecules are able to accommodate a third type of molecule in their structure. To prove it, some researchers have noted that water made from burning hydrogen in oxygen weighs 7 pounds while triple distilled water weighs 8 pounds. The difference in weight could account for the weight of Ormus molecules.  

Therefore, to estimate the exact percentage of Ormus in water is not possible. What we know is that different types of water contain varying amounts of Ormus – with artesian spring water having the largest percentage of Ormus in it. 


Ormus has been shown to boost health, vitality, and to some extent, spirituality. This explains the craze of Ormus amongst the occult community and those who are interested in such topics. There are even reports that this substance can naturally heal a wide array of diseases in the human body. Some people claim it heals lower back pain, though these claims can’t be proved. Therefore, it would be safe to state that all outcomes are relative to individuals who use Ormus, since experience will vary from one person to another. 

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