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Monatomic Gold Reviews


Discovery and use of monatomic gold can be traced back to the very early Egyptian civilization. 


They were very well acquainted with the way of use and properties of it. 


It was known to them that our regular diet lacks this material or very little of it exists in the general food habits. 


So a separate intake was very necessary for a long and healthy life span. 


Monatomic gold was extracted from the sea; from its various rocks and also from the sea creatures. 


The rocks were broken down into finest dust particles and consumed directly. 


It is estimated that they also extracted Ormus gold from some other materials as well, but nothing in a sure form can be told about these hypothecated substances. 


The Egyptians had good knowledge not only about the qualities and modes of extraction of monatomic gold but also knew the process in which they should be consumed. 


They knew that the material was available in the Earth's crust in a severely concentrated form, and should always be consumed in a diluted state. 


Concentrated, if consumed, could result in severe side effects and even to death. 


They did not consume it for the prolonged time as they knew that prolonged use could also be harmful. 


But the most striking part in their mode of consuming monatomic gold was that they used to do fasting before and after consuming it. 


Even, they did not eat anything soon after eating monatomic gold. 


It was perhaps because they thought they consuming it in that very particular manner would allow the stomach to take better portions of the monatomic gold reviews and will give better results. 


This is something which is very strange and definitely new to know. 


Even the scientists cannot be sure of the reason they have put into. 


Monoatomic Gold was used by the Egyptian civilization to retain their beauty and glow, to enhance their spiritual and psychological levels and also for curing several ailments. 


Although the new ideas of it being an energy booster and enhancer of the working of the nervous system etc, are the qualities of monatomic gold that are recently discovered, it's many uses as like that being a beauty enhancer, psychological up keeper etc, were long deciphered. 


The Egyptians also used this for their spiritual up liftment. 


They considered that consuming monatomic gold would enhance their spiritual stability and mental abilities. 


Patience would be enhanced and also the ability to think and will get better. 


Several ailments were cured by the help of Ormus Gold. 


Further, sick animals were also cured. 


In the present world, monatomic gold reviews was rediscovered and brought back to the arena in 1972 by Hudson. 


Although its discovery was a mixture of mere accident and curiosity, it brought the lost matter back. 


Further discoveries have brought into the limelight it's various new uses as it acts as the energy booster, it increases combination capacity of cells, modulates functioning get of DNA, etc. 


The discovery and use of monatomic Gold have given the world a very useful material which is capable of giving endless benefits to the human world. 


However, like every other discovery of man this also has some drawbacks, which should be carefully known to the users; and this duty very much vests on those who are trying to make attempts to reach this beneficial substance to the human race.

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