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What Is Ormus?  


What is ormus? This is what is commonly known as ( Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Element) ORME. 


It is believed that is made from water and there those who refer to it as white gold. 


Many are those who believe that ormus possess a magical power and thus some use it for magical purpose. 


Mainly ormus or Orme is used as an alternative drug. 


The composition of ormus is an interesting one, it hold s the equal number of protons and electrons. 


ORME or ormus is classified as a halogen in the periodic table. 


It is however classified in the mythical class of element because of its any miraculous state. 


Many scientist of the past and of the present have embarked on a research so as to establish what is ormus? In the 1920s it is believed Satyendra Nath Bose and Albert Einstein made the first observation, which was named Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC). 


In 1995 another group of scientist Eric CORNELL and Carl Wieman confirmed BEC in a laboratory experiment. 


It was the man David Hudson of that made a life changing discovery on ormus. 


He believed that ormus is a very precious metal that has a shares of copper iridium osmium mercury rhodium nickel platinum gold silver cobalt and palladium . 


not only did he state the metal component of the ormus but he was convinced the metals were found in large share in ormus . 


Ormus is naturally occurring in sea air stones and in soils in abundance that is according to the research of David Hudson . 


David Hudson believed that the ormus was in our body’s DNA. 


He also believed that food like almonds and apricot contained large amount of ormus. 


Ormus is said to have health benefits, it is supposedly said it can cure all forms of diseases from cancer to AIDS. 


It also acts as a DNA restructuring component. 


It act as a super conductors. 


It is believed that ormus reduces the urge to eat thus helping with disciplined food intake hence a healthy lifestyle. 


It is also said that ormus has the ability to slow down aging. 


David Hudson is believed to have spent over five million dollars to research on ormus. 


His conclusions however has become a subject for many critics. 


Some critic argue that a freely occurring element in human environment would not be hard to find because , one it is in abundance and two, its semiconducting property would ease things up . 


Some doubted his science knowledge given that he was a professional farmer and had no background in science particularly chemistry. 


They mock his comical misspelling of elements for example cisplatin he would spell it as sys-platinum. 


However a part from there being critics of the ormus there are those who hold the ormus idea with high esteem, call them the ormus enthusiasts. 


The enthusiast have without question adopted to usage without question or doubt. 


There also has been growing in number of ormus sellers and buyers. 


The market at this point is not so keen to knowing what is ormus? Or interested in understanding the advantage and the disadvantage of ormus.

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