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Om-1020-Hpb Ormus Minerals Homeopathic Bryonia Alba - White Bryony

Common Names: White bryony; wild hop; false mandrake.

General Information

Homeopathic Bryonia is prepared from the scrambiling white bryony vine.  Bryonia complaints are worsened by movement and relieved by rest and stillness. This keynote extends the mental-emotional sphere – Bryonia patients are irritable, dislike being disturbed, and want to be left alone. They are thirsty but drink infrequently, and then in large amounts. Inflammatory complaints have a slow rather than rapid onset. Injuries and inflammations feel better for pressure – even to the point of lying on them – and may be worsened by changes in the weather.

Digestive Problems

  • Thirsty with dry mouth and coated tongue but drinks large amounts at long intervals.
  • Heavy sensation, like a stone, after eating.
  • Constipated with hard, dry, large stool.
  • Headache from constipation.
  • Onset of appendicitis.


  • Bursting, splitting headache – usually left-sided or starting over left eye and then extending to the whole head.
  • Worse for any movement, even of the eyes – must close them.
  • Headache with constipation.

Sprains and Fractures

  • Pain from the slightest movement – even of other body parts.
  • Sprains improved by firm binding.
  • Inflamed joints with swelling and stiffness.
  • Rheumatic pain in joints and muscles – relieved by keeping still.
  • Fractured ribs – better for pressure or lying on the fractured side.


  • Dry, painful cough – must hold chest when coughing.
  • Cough with gagging and vomiting.
  • Cough worsened by motion, drinking, eating, going into a warm room.


  • Irritable – lies still and wants to be left alone.
  • Dry lips and coated tongue – drinks large amounts infrequently.
  • Bursting, splitting headache, worsened by movement.
  • Internally hot but chilly, cold skin.

For Pets

  • Useful for fractures, joint pain and injury when the following symptoms are present.
  • Wants to be alone – dislikes being disturbed.
  • Reluctant to move – lies quiet and still on the painful side.
  • Dry mouth but drinks large amounts infrequently.

Ormus Minerals:Homeopathic Ormus
Homeopathic Remedies  Bryonia Alba - White Bryony 
Imprinted Ormus

Homeopathic Imprinted

INGREDIENTS: Structured Filtered Water, ORMUS Concentrate from Dead Sea Salt, Other Salts, Atlantic Ocean Water &  Bryonia Alba - White Bryony 






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