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ORMUS Dead Sea Salt Dew

Dead Sea Salt Dew

Ormus is derived from the word ORMES which stands for Orbitally
Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements.
It is formed from the combination of several different elements and metals to form an element that possess immense power.

Some have been healed from usage of this salt since it alleviates pain caused by cancer and AIDS. It is usually extracted using chemical means. But this can get pretty complicated and messy. Therefore an easy, and efficient way to obtain it is by using Dead Sea salt.This will eventually lead to the formation of Ormus Dead Sea Salt Dew.

Dead Sea Salt

The first step to extracting Ormus is of course to obtain the Dead Sea salt. Dead Sea salt is just purely composed of magnesium chloride. Magnesium chloride is a salt, just like sodium chloride (common table salt).

You can either order it online or buy it in a chemical supplies store near you. Whichever you choose, it will not be a problem since its just the same thing.

Then you should get a glass or ceramic dish and line it with the Dead Sea salt. These two materials (glass and ceramic) are used because they are non-reactive and will not influence the process.

After doing this, choose a nice large, or medium, jar and fill it with ice. This ice-filled jar should the be tightly sealed with a lid.

Place the ice-filled jar in the middle of the dish, and make sure that it is covered by the salt.

The essence of this is to let a large surface area of the Dead Sea salt to be in contact with the ice-filled jar.

The dish and jar will then be exposed to the outdoors. This should be done at about 9 pm in the night.

This is the time of the night when the temperatures have just started to drop. Make sure that the dish, and jar, are facing the sky.

Dead Sea Salt DEW

This provides for ample conditions for the development of the Ormus Dead Sea Salt Dew.

During the night, dew condenses on the sides of the ice-filled jar.

The dew will then trickle down to the dish which contains the salt. In the dish, the dew will turn the salt into liquid.

The dish, and jar, should be taken out in the morning.

You should take it out before the sun starts to rise. This is because the sun is well known to attract the ormus power to it.

This could therefore leave your ormus weaker. After taking it out, before sunrise, and all the dead sea sat has not yet liquefied, there will be no need to worry.

Just cover the dish with a plate, or a similar lid, and repeat the process the next night. Make sure to line a little salt on the dish before repeating the process.

While taking it out in the morning, pour it into a mug, or bottle and seal it with a lid.

Protecting Ormus

This ensures that the power of the Ormus will not be constantly getting lost. This will be pure concentrated Ormus.

The Ormus Dead Sea salt dew can be used in various ways. Place some eye-drop fulls of the dew in some water.

Another way is to add the Ormus into some good quality oil and using it on the skin. Remember to just use a little, since the Ormus is pretty concentrated.

This Ormus Dead Sea Salt Dew will help with providing healing power.

Internal Liquid
Dead Sea Salt
Ormus Minerals DEW

Natural Energy

INGREDIENTS: Dead Sea Salt and Dew

Dead Sea Salt Ormus Minerals Dew





1 ounce



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