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All You Know About Pure Monatomic Gold


Pure Monatomic Gold is obtained through Alchemical process that involves reduction/division of pure 99. 


999 gold from its molecular state into the monatomic state. 


The Alchemical process, also known as Jerrell method, involves colloidalizing pure cold in an HV environment. 


NIBS technology is applied in monitoring and measuring particles and molecule sizes while M3-PALs technology is adopted to measure zeta potential in aqueous solutions accurately. 


Zeta potential is optimized during the process. 


Zeta potential is an important indicator of the particle charge, which is used to predict and control the stability of colloidal suspensions. 


The greater the zeta potential, the more the likelihood of the colloidal suspension, which improves the stability as the particles repel each other and reduce the tendency to aggregate. 


As soon as the colloidal state is attained, the colloidal solution is processed through Ozonation and oxidation processing that takes a number of weeks. 


Tibetan mineral, which is high in Ormus content is used as electrolyte during the colloidalizing treatment phase that helps to stimulate, enhance and protect single atom monatomic elements. 


Pure Monatomic Gold is a pure white precipitate that is an absorbable and ingestible suspension in distilled water for easy absorption. 


The product promotes healthy tissue regeneration as well improve electrical transmission across the synapses in the brain that help to improve memory as well as improve mental alertness and promote general tissue generation. 


Health Benefits Pure Monatomic Gold: 


Gold is associated with pineal that causes chakra enhancement and spiritualization that help to enhance enlightenment. 


Help to relieves joint pain 

Help to improve moods and memory 


It improves emotional sensitivity as well as sensitivity to other peoples feelings. 


Pure Monatomic Gold helps to relieve arthritis pain. 


In fact, the product has been used for centuries to treat rheumatoid arthritis, and modern medical researchers have confirmed its efficacy. 


Pure Monatomic Gold can also be used to treat arthritis, skin ulcers, obesity, nerve dam, and hyperactivity. 


It can also be used to alleviate chronic diseases that are associated with wasting and malnutrition. 


Help to improve blood circulation and reduce depression as well as stress. 


Heightens memory. 


Improve body temperature control. 


Improve sex drive. 


Recommended Dosage: 

5 to 10 drops of Pure Monatomic Gold per day is recommended. 


Start with few drops and increase as you read your body response. 


Note that, high dosage does not necessarily mean optimum results. 


The effectiveness of the mineral is very personal and cumulative. 


It is good to keep a record and track the performance of the product usage. 


This will help you to understand the effects of the product and the best dosage for your personal use. 


You can consult experts where necessary. 


The consultants can be suppliers or the manufacturers. 


With the data, the experts will be able to advise on the best dosage that you can use. 



The energy field around the Pure Monatomic Gold imparts the idea of spirituality and improved longevity. 


Some researchers have revealed that Pure Monatomic Gold cause fusing of left and right hemispheres that help to improve control over dreams and better intuition.

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