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Om-1234-Fdf Ormus Dew Flower Essence Fireweed Dew DropsFireweed - <i>Epilobium angustifolium</i> 

Indications: shock and trauma; energy stagnation on any level; feeling burned out; weak connection to the Earth; attempting to carry the past into the future.

Healing Qualities: heals shock and trauma; strengthens our grounding connection to the Earth; helps us break up and move out old energy patterns that are being held in the body and initiate new cycles of revitalization and renewal.

Ormus Minerals:Flower Dew Drops Ormus
Ormus Dew Flower Agrimony Flower
Essence Dew Drops

Flower Essence Imprinted

INGREDIENTS: Structured Filtered Water,  Agrimony Flower Essence Water, Ormus Dew, Ormus Minerals






OM-1234- FDF-01
1 ounce


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OM-1234-FDF -02
2 ounces


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OM-1234-FDF -04
4 ounces


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OM-1234-FDF -08
8 ounces


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