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Ormus What


Among many mysterious and baffling discoveries recorded in the history, among them was the discovery of Ormus which is also known as ORMEs. 


The greatest contribution was made by a farmer named David Hudson, who first identified ormus in 1970. 


And also major contributions came from Albert Einstein and satyendranath Bose in gaining basic understanding and knowledge about ormus, which later came to be known as Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC). 


Ormus is a m-state material which is also present in a metallic state and its made of water and other substances. 


It is a white powder gold consisting of cobalt, Nickel, copper, Rhodium, Palladium, silver, osmium, Iridium, Platinum, and gold mercury. 


It is mostly present in rock, fresh water and in the air. 


And it has been observed and seen in the DNA structures of plants and animals. 


Ormus has the capability of dissolving into sunlight and losing their material when brought under the influence of warmth of the sunlight, which makes them no longer applicable to the laws of gravity. 


In today's contemporary age and world the Agriculture, Plantation, and Food industry are following a harmful and vicious trend of using chemicals which are toxics in nature. 


And we are well aware about the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium or NPK agriculture which promotes and use harmful chemicals such as pesticides, DDT and a likes. 


Which tremendously impact our body in a negative way. 


It is discovered that ormus is present in our brains occupying 5%,and the level can be raised by consuming foods and water which has high ormus content. 


By now we know that ormus is a integral part of our body and is found in all living beings. 


Therefore ormus is used as alternative medicine supporter across the world in the form of Ormus powder or according to preferences. 


Ormus powder is a curative source and holds the ability in holistic healing with no side effects at all. 


Ormus plays a major role in the quality of plants and crops, in fact almonds, kernel, garlic ETC are all rich in ORMEs. 


ORMEs is gifted with amazing health benefits and also allow us bring closer to our spirituality. 


It helps us attain higher consciousness, prevent harmful matters in our body and generate energy. 


It is a super nutrient that keeps our hair, skin and body healthy keeping us young by preventing gaining. 


It also helps putting resistance and keeping away dangerous ailments and getting rid of harmful toxins from our system. 


ORMEs and it's various forms such as the ormus powder is a nature's gift with magnificent healing powers and believed to be the energy of life and spirit. 


Therefore instead getting exposed to artificial products and healing therapy such as chemotherapy and a likes. 


One should switch towards a life with ORMEs in abundance and one way is by the use of Ormus powder. 


ORMEs is a source of powers with exceptional healing capabilities along with quantum physical behavior and as it gets known widely, the discovery of the ORMEs will be portend as the greatest discovery.

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