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Best Monoatomic Gold On the Market 

The White Powder Gold the Best Ormus In the Market

Ormus is the outcome of years of an experiment carried on till to date. The mineral is monoatomic with characteristics of a superconductor which can be applied in different directions. Being the best Ormus in the market, this mineral supplement is known by various names. Some of which include monoatomic gold, white powder gold, alchemist gold, Etherium Gold, Elixir of life, Orme’s and manna gold. Monoatomic name gold is sometimes misspelled as monatomic gold. 

The hypothesis is that once a suitable diet PH correspondence is compromised, and you guzzle this mineral supplement. Your body, mind, and spirit will start functioning as one. Thus fulfilling an equilibrium state, and as a result, it would raise your creativity thinking and wellness on different matters. This is true because as you apply a based Ormus Super fertilizer among the horticulture and floral, their production would double up in size.  

Ormus is also credited to be the alternative healing element of widespread diseases, some of which include aids, bipolar disorder, diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer, heart disease emphysema, multiple sclerosis, lupus and muscular dystrophy. Furthermore being the best Ormus in the market the mineral is believed to be Elixir of life to many people. With the factual written information of its capability in the healing process, this mineral supplement has become a challenge to the health sector.  

The health care industry being a multi-billion dollar business enterprise has led to the hospital fees growing higher together with the physicians and medications expenses and the numbers extend on and never ending. Thus, it has resulted in making Ormus become fame. Also, this mineral supplement and its healing alternative attributes are being bottled up for many reasons.  

However, being the best Ormus in the market. The health care sector would not want this mineral supplement to be accessible to the general population since they would bear the loose of gaining a lot of revenue. Fortunately, the good thing is no harm you’ll encounter when you are testing and developing few super vegetables with this mineral extract as you'll be able to adopt matters on that point. Additionally, you may even become a winner to growing with your super greens in your community area.  

To get and apply Ormus you’ll need sea water or Celtic sea because salts from both are crude or unrefined. You’ll then need to mix the salt with water or put the sea water in a vessel if you are going to use it or boil it. In case you want to put it on plants, you’ll need to add sodium hydroxide which is similar to raising the PH level or water alkalinity to 10.78. This would result in the formation of a white precipitate. This precipitate will fall to the bottom of your container, and from there you’ll now be able to take the clear liquid off the top which be little left. Wax identical to Ormus and the white precipitate left at the bottom will be 30% Ormus and70% other elements like calcium and magnesium. Finally wash the precipitate before you consume it because you may wash the salt out. 

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Regardless of how our products may be used in other countries, or anything that you may have heard or read about Ormus Minerals or Ormus products, under FDA law in the United States it is illegal for a manufacturer to make any medical claims for health supplements. None of the products offered for sale on our website or direct to retail consumers are intended to be used in the treatment or mitigation of any disease state. All statements made by Ormus Minerals or on the Ormus website are intended for informational purposes only. The statements made here have not been evaluated by the FDA, and our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Health decisions are much too important to be made without the advice of a health care practitioner. As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product. If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you should consult your health care practitioner prior to using any health supplement product.